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Dalin typically posts at least 3-5 signal entries per week based on advanced technical analysis, with notifications delivered directly to your inbox.

High Altitude’s strategic courses via lessons, guides, and exclusive video content cover topics ranging from market psychology and risk management to which indicators to watch and which to ignore. This TradingView-based technical training series is designed specifically for cryptocurrency markets, with signal parameters according to price action, market size/conditions, and trade psychology.

— The Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading And Investing [Video Series]
— Top Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies [Advanced Guide Video Series]
— Tips & Common Mistakes [Bonus Video Series]

Most people don’t have time to continually scan the markets and watch for movements. That’s why Dalin spends his days on technical analysis and will keep you informed on significant market movements and opportunities to make quick gains as well as identify profitable long-term investments.

When you join the High Altitude Investing Program, you get immediate access to VIP content areas within the website, trading and investing guidance from Dalin, and access to the HAI private Discord group where you can engage in an active community of other cryptocurrency enthusiasts and stay up-to-date with the crypto market.



Crypto doesn’t have to be a gamble. Seeking trading and investing guidance through a mentor like Dalin can help you save time, money and a lot of stress. The High Altitude Mastermind Program helps you advance your skills as a trader and grow your wealth through a balanced crypto asset portfolio.


— Fast-track the learning process with courses, tips, and exclusive video content
— Mirror trades by professional cryptocurrency trader Dalin Anderson
— Keep up with high volume crypto trends with real-time notifications for entries and market movements
— Get reliable signals for increased profitability and reduced risk to your capital

At High Altitude Investing, we take pride in the accuracy and immediacy of our signals. Our advanced techniques are designed to maximize returns in cryptocurrency markets, with detailed calls that include entry points, stop losses, and targets to keep you on the pulse of the latest trends.

The High Altitude Investing VIP Training Courses are designed to help you learn how to:

— Identify major uptrend signals so you can enter rallies in bullish markets and exit before corrections
— Catch retracements (throwbacks) into breakout zones to boost your win percentage and maximize your profit margins
— Let your winners run and cut your losses short
— Set stop losses according to your risk management
— Consider market size, overall trend, and volume when looking for signals
— Learn the fundamentals, trading psychology, and technical analysis so you can trade like a pro!

Master trading strategies including:

— Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy
— Fibonacci Indicators
— Horizontal Support & Resistance
— MACD & RSI Strategy
— Risk Management And More!

Investing in cryptocurrencies using my methods is a whole lot easier than you might think. You don’t have to be rich or need any special experience to use these techniques. Like many before, you too can apply them successfully even if you’ve never traded before in your life. This is a formula you can use to generate potentially massive returns in a low-risk way on strategies that most regular people don’t know about.

So why not skip the newbie mistakes and jump right into some profits?

Leave the panic and losses behind and take the next step toward your financial freedom.


Dalin has helped me learn more about trading than I ever expected though his TradingView Courses, Discord, and weekly Mastermind Webinars. He takes the time to answer everyone’s questions, posts charts and signal updates regularly, and keeps everyone in the loop on what he sees going on in the market at the time. He’s helped me identify good buying opportunities, manage risk, and not make rash decisions in times of panic. In short, he’s helped me make money and preserve capital in a tough bear market. He’s a great trader, teacher, and mentor and I would highly recommend getting involved if you’re serious about making money in crypto and not just blindly gambling your money away.



Sup everyone, just joined VIP today. Never thought that I would pay $1,200 for anything like this but crypto is amazing. I’m an ex-poker player and I’ve been in crypto for 6 months. Turned 5k into almost 100k, but not before some big losses and learning lessons. Anyway, you guys have been in this group for a while so you might not realize the value you are getting. Dalin is on point with his calls and his course price is a steal compared to others. I’m sure he will be raising his price as all the new money and demand keep pouring in. Sorry for the long intro, just excited lol.



Buying the Lifetime Membership is the best thing I’ve done in crypto this year. Thanks for the info on the course!



I turned $1,000 into $5,000 with Dalin’s help. Thank you so much!



I’m up almost 300% in cryptocurrencies since March 31. Thanks for all that you’ve taught me!



I look after my father’s crypto investments for him. He’s 76 and not computer savvy at all. He wouldn’t be able to “do crypto” on his own. He heard about my success and gave me a chunk to manage for him. He knows it’s high risk. His account is up over 400% so far and is paying off his home with a portion of the profits. I am happy to have been able to repay all the help that he has given me over the years.



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